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Ripe Vapes Flavor Base - VCT (Private Reserve) 20ml to 60ml

Ripe Vapes Flavor Base - VCT (Private Reserve) 20ml to 60ml - The product is diluted with PG.

The Flavor Base series by Ripe Vapes gives you the opportunity to create your favorite e-liquid just by adding your preferred  base  and nicotine boosters

VCT (Private Reserve) concentrate: The unique flavour of VCT (Vanilla-custard, tobacco) aged for 90 days in French oak barrels, makes its taste even more intense! 

Velvet Vape Nic Booster VG 18mgml Velvet Vape Nic Booster VG 18mg that you useml Velvet Vape VG Base 100ml that you use

Total nicotine in 60ml


The e-liquid needs 48 hours steeping period. For even better results you can extend the steeping period from 15 to 20 days.

Attention: Do not vape without using an electronic cigarette base.

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