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Kayfun 5

High quality Kayfun 5 compatible updates by Steamtuners.

Brand: Steam Tuners
Top Nut MiniTop nut mini is designed to seal the Tower tank of the Kayfun 5 atomizer. On top of the Top nut mini the user can place any 510 drip tip while maintaining the Tower tank's refillable ability.Note: Top nut mini cannot be used with the stock tank of the a..
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Brand: Steam Tuners
Kayfun 5 Tower TankTower tank is a new tank that fits on the standard atomizer Kayfun 5 chamber.Owners of Kayfun 4 / Kayfun 3 mini and associated K41 - K31 - K32 drip tips, can use such drip tips with Tower Tank.Important: Please make sure at the initial instalment that the ..
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