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With our high precision Velvet Vape Nautipins, it is the simplest and easiest way to customize your airflow to true MTL, when using  factory ready Aspire  Nautilus / Triton Mini coils and need to go true MTL.

Designed and implemented by Atmizone, these pins act as a replacement for the corresponding bottom part (pole) of your dispensable Nautilus / Triton Mini coils.

You just swap it with your desired Nautipin and get perfect fixed MTL draw in an instant.

The Nautipins are not changing the coils outer form and shape, so their compatibility is ensured 100% for most products that host nautilus / triton mini coil.


  • 3 pins with Air flow hole 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.5mm
  • Gold plated brass core for optimal conductivity and for reminding you these are not dispensable, compared to nickel plated top body of the coils
  • Laser engraved “1” , “2”, “3” respectively to mark the size of air hole.
  • Compatible with all products that host Nautilus / Triton Mini coils, including Velvet Vape’s Nautilink.

MTL Experience with Aspire/Dotaio coils?   

We got you covered!

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