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Puff Italy

Puff Italy offers unique flavors and out of the box combinations that will make you want more.

Puff Italy offers vaping products with emphasis οn quality.This is the main concept that aplies both in raw ingridients selection and in every step of the production proccess and quality control. 

Puff Italy flavor shots are entirely manufactured in Italy with Italian pharmaceutical grade Vegetable Glycerol (FU/USP), Italian pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol (FU/USP) of vegetable origin (certified GMO free), and food flavorings of molecular extraction. All products are analyzed (both with and without nicotine) by external laboratories that certify the quality and for each there are technical and material safety data sheets (IATA compliant) always available to the authorities.

Riserva Cloud Pablo Flavor Base 25ml to 60ml
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Brand: Puff Italy
Riserva Cloud Pablo Flavor Base 25ml to 60ml The product is diluted with PG.Free 60ml bottle included.The Riserva Cloud 25ml to 60ml Flavor Shots by Puff Italy gives you the opportunity to create your favorite e-liquid.It's a 25ml to 60ml flavor shot in..
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