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Wanted Flavor Base Silver Bullet 20ml to 60ml

Wanted Flavor Base Silver Bullet 20ml to 60ml
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Wanted Flavor Base Silver Bullet 20ml to 60ml - The product is diluted with PG.

Silver Bullet is ranked the most mild tobacco-flavoured e-liquid from the Wanted series.

RY tobacco with soft notes of roasted pine nuts, hazelnut and macadamia nuts.

Silver Bullet has soft fragrance but a quite rich and delicate taste.

A special blend that will satisfy those who want to designate an e-liquid for all-day vaping.

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Total nicotine in 60ml


For better results leave the e-liquid to steep for 48 hours.

All ingredients are Premium Quality and sourced from within the European Union.

Attention: Do not vape without using an electronic cigarette base.

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