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Brand: Atmizoo
Atmizoo - Tripod Drip Tip Long Top A longer version of Tripod’s bespoke drip tip top part, closer to classic MTL style drip tips.Made of POM (Acetal) black.Tripod’s Drip Tip is a two-parts assembly, with its two parts sandwiching the Top Cap to ensure extra stability when removing top cap ..
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Brand: Atmizoo
Atmizoo - Tripod Extension Tubes KitReplacement kit for Atmizoo - Tripod RTA atomizer.It is compatible with the Tripod 3.4ml Extension Kit and the Steam Tuners Tripod XL Tank.The kit includes:1 x Chimney extension tube with inner D=3.0mm (SS316F)1 x Chimney extension tube wi..
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Brand: Atmizoo
Atmizoo - Tripod Fixed Air Flow Tubes KitTripod Fixed Air Flow Tubes Kit targeted for RDL / DL style (air flow hole 2.0mm to 3.0mm range), for those who need a positive tube with fixed air flow within said range.The Kit consists of five positive tubes with air flow hole 2.0 / 2.2 / 2.5 / 2..
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Brand: Atmizoo
Atmizoo-VapeSnailThe VapeSnail is Atmizone’s new rebuildable atomizer concept for Billet Box.With its amazing potential, real time access to deck, real time fixed air flow swap ability, easy refill system, easy rebuilding and complete package overall. The VapeSnail i..
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Brand: Atmizoo
Creek - Ultem Kit Yellow PolishedReplacement o'rings for the Creek RDA atomizer.The kit includes:1 x 18x1.0 Silicone 70 clear1 x 17x1.0 Silicone 70 clear1 x 3.0x1.0 Silicone 70 red1 x 13x1.5 NBR 701 x 11.8x1.8 NBR 70Important notice: Wholesale only for Greece and Cyprus..
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Brand: Atmizoo
DotShell - MTL Air Flow Pins KitDotShell MTL Air Flow Pins Kit has 3 reducers, which are designed for a substantial range of MTL vaping profiles, by reducing the initial diameter D=4mm of the positive tube, with the optional use of the fine adjustment of AFC Ring.The o'..
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Unilink Pole Insulator
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Brand: Atmizoo
VapeShellAtmizone presents their new atomizer, VapeShell, which has been created to be compatible with the tank system of Billet Box rev4 Boro tank.It has a unique design and shape and covers a vast range of vaping profiles.Unlike other atomizers, VapeShell has a horizo..
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Atmizoo - Creek RDA Atmizoo - Creek RDA
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Brand: Atmizoo
Creek RDAAtmizone presents the new 22mm RDA, Creek, which is ideal for single-coil setups.The atomizer is suitable for squonking and includes both MTL and DL oriented options in the package.Creek has at least 1.2ml of e-liquid capacity offering great autonomy.The deck’s desi..
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Creek - MTL Kit Creek - MTL Kit
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Brand: Atmizoo
Creek - MTL KitReplacement MTL kit for the Creek RDA atomizer.The kit includes:1 x Positive Post Adapter, made of SS3161 x Air Flow Insert 1.2mm, made of PEEK1 x Air Flow Insert 1.5mm, made of PEEK1 x Chamber Reducer, made of yellow ultem2 x Black o'ringsImportant notice: Du..
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Brand: Atmizoo
TripodThe Tripod is the new rebuildable atomizer by Atmizone, designed for single coil setups.It offers an unparalleled vaping experience focusing on performance, versatility and ergonomics.With its enhanced flavor and vapor production, potential for variable specs, instant real time ..
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Brand: Atmizoo
Creek - 510 Nano Adapter Ultem BlackAdapter that allows you to install a 510 drip tip on the Atmizoo - Creek RDA atomizer.Important notice: Due to existing distribution agreements, wholesale orders for destination to France, Belgium and Switzerland are not accepted...
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